Monday, November 21, 2011


On the calendar for tomorrow: PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL FIXTURE INSTALL. Seriously, electricity. This will change everything and maybe the blog will no longer have to shut down at 4:30 PM.

Also, Google Analytics says that:
(1) Someone found this blog by searching for "ugliest house in the world." I WIN. This is so awesome.
(2) Someone else found the blog by searching for "knock knock refrigerator is running joke." This is also awesome because it means I am not alone in completely lacking the ability to retain and retell even the most rudimentary and simplistic excuse for a joke. Seriously, this is the only joke I can remember: What is brown and sticky? Bonus points if you know the answer. (NOT YOU, BRANDON.) Anyway, hearts to you, my joke-jumbling soulmate.


  1. Lol! Google analytics are always good for a laugh. My two favorites for searches that found people at our blog are "we suck" and "how to achieve nearly insurmountable goal." I still laugh at those two.

  2. OMG Meryl, that made me laugh SO hard!!

  3. Brown and sticky = a stick, of course ;) That is like the only joke I remember as well! House is looking AAAAMMAZING! Thanks for the b-day wishes. Miss you much!

  4. Hahaha, Leah wins!! :-D Miss you too, and I hope you are having a splendiferous birthday! xoxo