Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rootin' tootin' photo-shootin'

Turtle House designer Steven Varnum came over the other day with a wide-angle lens to get some interior pics of the house, and just posted them to his website. After doing a moderately unreasonable amount of squealing and clapping, I stole them (with permission) to share. I have nothing more to add except that we heart Steven and still can't believe we really get to live here...

Also, wide angle is awesome, unless your thighs are in the photo.

 (this picture is an accurate depiction of how I write most of these posts)

(I moved to get out of Steven's photos... SNEAKY, STEVEN)

 (dueling dog-butt photobomb)


  1. OMG! Swoon. The house looks gorgeous!! Those floors make my heart skip a beat.

  2. It's so sunshiny! And, I love the desk by the front entrance - wish we had such a spot for organizing mail, etc.

  3. Gorgeous! Such great light! What is your door hardware?

  4. Is that a beer closet?

  5. Thank you everyone!! It is so nice to get your sweet comments. :-)

    The door hardware is all Emtek, I believe. They are called "egg knobs," which is funny because it's exactly what I called them before I knew what they were called. We got a bunch of them at a local place (Materials Unlimited) if you are in the area! We picked matte black for all the door hardware.

    Peter - that is what we are calling the "booze bunker," haha. The temp stays really cool down there so we are using that little closet to store canned goods and beer. We are going to build a door for it eventually (along with a door for a similar under-the-stairs storage area off the dining room).

  6. It looks great! I hadn't checked in on the site in months and am very impressed by the progress. Congrats!