Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Disney's magical world of... granite

You guys, I think I've been to the weirdest place in Michigan. And I have only seen maybe 2% of Michigan - THAT IS JUST HOW WEIRD THIS PLACE IS. Yesterday Brandon and I met Steven at a stone yard to look for... well, stone. Yeah. We needed to pick out countertops for the kitchen, and also some stone for the master bathroom, which will be used for a bench cap and shelves in the shower. To find this stone yard, you head out into the kinda-boonies, find a random house on a random road, drive past it down a dirt track, and suddenly come upon this:

Yes, those are just slabs of granite and other types of stone basically scattered about in a field, behind a barn. Sometimes getting a closer view involved some serious bushwhacking.

Check out the crop of grapes growing over this pile of stone (click on the pic to make it bigger):

It is a good thing we trust Steven as our Designated House Genius because otherwise I would have been pretty sure that he was going to kill us and our bodies would never be found (although they would be potentially well-marked by hundreds of lovely ready-made granite headstones). Luckily we made it out alive, and even found a beautiful piece of stone that will work perfectly in the bathroom! We didn't find anything for the kitchen yet - we are hoping to find a nice dark soapstone - so we are heading out to a stone warehouse tomorrow morning. Apparently they have a larger selection, but fewer possibilities for wildlife sightings, grape harvesting, and rock climbing adventures.


  1. Lol, what a random granite place! And I love your "mysteries" tag, hahaha

  2. weird, yes. But it's no Frankenmuth. You have not yet discovered the weirdest place in Michigan.

  3. can you share where in Michigan this was? I'd love to check it out (danielleyeager(at)