Friday, October 7, 2011

Paint on the wall, paint on the wall

Those are the words to a little ditty that I came up with today. It's quite catchy, really - I think it has "hit" written all over it.

Anyway, sorry for the crappy cell phone photo, but you guys! I loooove this color. It is "Summer Lime" by Benjamin Moore, and it is so happy and cheerful it just makes me want to do a dance - but it decidedly does NOT look light you drew it with a Highlighter marker. Dance, dance, dance. And it plays so well with the "Tranquil Blue" in the guest room - it'll be even more beautiful once the dining room is painted ("Silver Fox," which is a lovely warm gray-beige... yes, I reject the word "greige," and its equally trendy cousin "grellow," even if that is precisely the color I picked for the living room).*

*This post brought to you by eight hours straight of grading exams today. Somebody bring me a beer!

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