Monday, October 10, 2011

Tiles on the floor, tiles on the floor

Yep, another original composition by yours truly, closely related to the Paint Song currently shooting up the charts. Here is my muse:

Beeyoootiful, are they not??

Also, a brief update on this weekend's wall saga - Brandon and I went back to the house after work today to try to fix the &@%#!ing crooked wall. We pulled seven of the nine 6x6's up off the rebar we'd driven through them, and let me tell you: if there is anything worse than building a retaining wall, it is DISASSEMBLING AND REBUILDING a retaining wall. But, I do think it's much improved - it is still a little uneven, but at least it's not doing the drunk-lean into our front porch anymore. Instead of uneven, I am going to call it "rustic" and claim it is charming. And if you're tempted to disagree, please recall my mad skills with a hammer drill.

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